The Icarus Foundation

“The unknown is where you’ll find us”

The Icarus foundation is a global think tank whose main purview was to investigate the paranormal and its impact on the thousands of cult and religious groups that existed around the world.

Icarus has no ties to any country or law enforcement even though it’s employees are ex FBI, CIA.MI5,INTERPOL,MOSSAD AND TORCH.

Icarus’ headquarters is located in the heart of London. Many upon first seeing the building think of it as something of an architectural oddity. Part medieval castle, part modern day office mecca the building stands on the site of a mental hospital originally built in the 1900’s which was later destroyed by fire. Over the time since its construction the building has been expanded and modernised but still retaining most of the original brickwork. Icarus has several subsidiaries in the United States and throughout Europe and Asia.

Icarus also conduct studies into the many of the cults and religious sects in existence today and are sometimes called upon for their unique expertise in a advisory capacity. One of it’s more famous case the organisation was involved in was the new Rome killings.

Case Studies
It had begun in Sydney, Australia with the gruesome murder of Marton Dockwell, an artitect who was working out an eighteen month contract. Dockwell had been stabbed and beheaded, the head itself was found by those first on the scene mounted on a large metal tripod in the center of the room.
At first this was seem as the random and senseless crime . The public opinion on this assumption was first tested then shattered over the next four months as another five bodies were found all meeting their end in an identical fashion to Dockwell. The lines of the police statements all the victims had no apparent connection to each other their only shared trait, the manner of their death.

Two weeks after members of the Icarus Foundation were called in as advisors on the investigation there was a major breakthrough in the case. David Wesley, a teaching assistant was caught just before he was about to claim his sixth victim. His arrest let to the capture of ten other suspects and the death of five others, all self inflicted courtesy of a fatal cocktail of drugs. During the subsequent and high profile court case there had been testimony from several expert witnesses all of whom worked for the Icarus foundation. It was revealed that two brothers, twins were behind the crimes. The twins, were David Wesley and his brother, Peter who committed suicide rather than face capture and imprisonment.

The brothers believed they were the living incarnations of the ancient Roman deities from myth Romulus and Remus, the supposed creators of rome. What started out as the harmless belief of two young boys fascinated by myth and history was fostered by a overbearing and cruel father, a former history professor. This fascination which became their safe haven from the cruelties of a destructive parent turned to a shared obsession and eventual insanity when the brothers reached adulthood.
The Wesley brothers and their followers set out on a holy crusade across the globe to punish those who stood against their quest to reforge a new Roman empire before they would leave the earthly plane to reclaim their godhood. It was a crusade that the Icarus Foundation was instrumental in bring to an end.


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