Reviews – issue 1

Hi-Ex! Blog – “I cannot imagine anyone reading this and not wanting to pick up the next one”

SciFi Pulse – “It’s a roller coaster ride that includes skeletons, Mission Impossible-like stunts, a mysterious data disc and teeth-rattling explosions.”

Small Press Big Mouth – ‘very atmospheric and cinematic’ – the podcast review kicks off around the fourteen minute mark.

Geeky Girls Love Sci Fi – “bright and visceral, smacking us right between the eyes”

GeekPlanetOnline – ‘solid début issue that should leave you wanting more ‘

Media coverage

Fallen Heroes #1 Launch Video ( recorded at the Cardiff International Comic Expo)

Fallen Heroes takes no.1 spot on Amazon
Fallen Heroes Hailed a Cult Hit in Europe’s Largest Bookshop
Fallen Heroes gets it’s Second Five Star Review from a Waterstone’s Branch Manager


Sci-Pulse interview with Barry Nugent

Scfi-pulse radio interview with Barry Nugent, Martin Conaghan and Steve Penfold


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