Buy Fallen Heroes Issue 1


The only way to now pick up a copy of the limited edition first printing is by attending the Fallen Heroes launch at the Cardiff International Expo.

A stalker of demons and legends, a pair of master criminals, a teenager on the brink of madness and a man forever cursed with the desire for vengeance. They are all pawns in a plan set in motion over nine centuries before their birth. Pursued across the globe by enemies both human and supernatural they must overcome their mistrust of each other and uncover the truth before it destroys them all.

Fallen Heroes is a supernatural adventure that pits an unlikely group of heroes and anti heroes against an evil which has existed since the first crusade. If they can keep from killing each other long enough they might just be able to stop the world from plunging into a new dark age.


  • Writer: Martin Conaghan
  • Artist: Steve Penfold
  • Colors: Gat Melvin
  • Lettering: Paul Mclaren
  • Based on the original novel ‘Fallen Heroes’ by Barry Nugent
  • 21 pages
  • 4 pages of pinups
  • Full Colour

This limited edition 1st issue will be numbered and contain exclusive artwork from

  • Andie Tong (DC Comics, Marvel, Darkhorse, Mirage Studios, Image and Markosia)
  • Leigh Gallagher (DC Comics and 2000AD)
  • Emma Vieceli ( SelfMadeHero, Marvel, Image, Random House, Toykopop and FuturePublishing).

If you are attending the Cardiff International Comic Expo and would like to reserve a  signed copy to collect when you arrive at the con then please choose option 1. If you would like to pre-order a copy to have it sent out to you then please choose option 2.

Option 1 – I would like to reserve my limited edition copy of Fallen Heroes issue 1 for collection at the Cardiff International Comic Expo on Saturday 26th February 2011

Option 2 – I would like to pre-order my limited edition copy of Fallen Heroes issue 1 ( £2 + £1.25 Postage & Packing in the UK. )

(Overseas customers, please email us at for a quote for delivery.)

If you are interested in a review pdf or further information the please get in contact with us at


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