Fallen Heroes #1 Second Printing on the way!

As you already know the first printing of Fallen Heroes has now sold out. We are currently in the process of arranging a second print run with ukomics. Again this will be a limited printing so if you’re interested in picking up a copy when they become available then send us an email at fhcomics@hotmail.co.uk with your name and address and we’ll add you to the list.


Fallen Heroes #1 now Available for iPad,iPhone and iTouch


We can now confirm that the digital version of Fallen Heroes #1 has now been released on the apple store, just in time for pay day. The app is priced at £1.19 and you can pick it up here .

Thanks to the team at Oxicomics for all their help in putting the digital version together.

Keep an eye on the website to look out for more ways to order your copy of issue #1.

Fallen Heroes sells out twice at Cardiff International Comics Expo!

Fallen Heroes and Beyond the Bunker, Copydesk and Geek Syndicate rocked the Cardiff International Comics Expo twice yesterday in an astonishing feat of consumer excitement. After a last minute dash to prepare for the opening the doors opened on the event at 10:00am. By 11:00am all copies had been sold. We some more earmarked for sale to Martin Conaghan later in the day which then sold within ten minutes. On top of which it was the first chance to meet Barry Nugent and hold a copy of Fallen Heroes in my hand. Gat Melvyn’s colours were the toast of the convention which is no surprise at all.

Fallen Heroes it would appear has very much arrived on the map and I’d like to thank everyone I met over the weekend for making it a kick ass experience. Next time we’ll make sure we bring more copies….! Full news and info on the events and experiences of Cardiff International Comic Expo will be here over the next few days (with pictures) including the panel and setting a Dalek on someone.

A second printing of #1 will be made available soon for order and details on the Ipad/Ipod version soon.

Steve Penfold, Fallen Heroes Artist

Source: Beyondthebunker.com


First Reviews of Fallen Heroes Issue 1

Now that a few reviews have come out for issue one  I thought I would stick all the links to them in one place. So here you go.

Hi-Ex! Blog – “I cannot imagine anyone reading this and not wanting to pick up the next one”

SciFi Pulse – “It’s a roller coaster ride that includes skeletons, Mission Impossible-like stunts, a mysterious data disc and teeth-rattling explosions.”

Small Press Big Mouth – ‘very atmospheric and cinematic’ – the podcast review kicks off around the fourteen minute mark.

Geeky Girls Love Sci Fi – “bright and visceral, smacking us right between the eyes”

GeekPlanetOnline – ‘solid début issue that should leave you wanting more ‘



With over 70% of our stock now sold we have had to close pre-orders for the first printing of issue 1. If you were lucky enough to pick up a limited edition copy congratulations and thanks from all the Fallen Heroes creative team.

The only way to now pick up a copy of the limited edition first printing is by attending the Fallen Heroes launch at the Cardiff International Comic Expo. Also several copies of the limited edition will be gracing the shelves of GOSH Comics in London. Get in touch with the guys over there if you want to per-order a copy when for they arrive (sometime next week).

If we have any stock left after the convention we will be opening up the order page again.

Stay tuned to this website for details of digital versions of issue 1 and also we are currently discussing a second printing (though this will not be the limited edition with the pin ups).

Thanks again to everyone who had pre-ordered a  copy so far.

Fallen Heroes #1 – Over 60% of First Printing Sold. Pre-Orders to Close Soon

Ok with nearly 70% of our stock gone we are selling a few more copies then closing the doors on the pre-orders so we actually have copies for the launch so this is your last chance to pre-order a copy of the limited edition https://fallenheroescomicdotcom.wordpress.com/pre-order-fallen-heroes-issue-1/

Remember even if we do a second printing it will not include the artists pin ups so order now if you want your special edition copy.

As soon as we hit 70% we will be closing the doors on pre-ordering.

This is great news for everyone who’s worked on the first issue exceeded our our expectations for pre-orders.


The Famous Six – Thanks for Donating!

A while back I started a donation scheme for the production of the first issue which has since been scrapped and will not return in the future.  I wanted to take the time to thank the  people who donated towards issue 1.

So Jody,Matt,Jimmy,Glen,Adam,Kelly and Jerry (hope you don’t all mind being mentioned) the thanks of myself and the entire creative team are with you.

I will be having a word with the creative team about giving all of you a mention/acknowledgement in issue 2. Also  I will be in touch about sending you a signed copy of either issue 1 or 2 of Fallen Heroes.

To the highest donator we will be arranging to send the proof/issue zero  which will  be signed by myself, Martin and Steve. I will also be throwing in a signed copy of the original novel and a copy of the follow-up novel Forgotten Warriors (one I finished the blasted thing) and the third and final as yet titled book in the trilogy(you can have these in print or digital). I will also be seeing if I can get Steve to do a sketch in the novel.

Many thanks for your donations and help with the project.