Napoleon Stone

“If you think some outdated sense of fair play is going to stop me from putting a bullet between your eyes if you don’t tell me exactly what I want to hear,” Napoleon pulled back the hammer on the gun, “think again.”


Full Name: Professor Napoleon James Stone

Age: 42 years old

Status: Divorced

Born: London

Height: 6ft

Family: Mother (Nurse), Father (Factory worker)

Normal wear: Three piece tweed suit (no tie)

Occupation: Lecturer in Archaeology, History and Parapsychology, expert in all things relating to the occult and the paranormal. Also works for The Icarus Foundation as a ‘special’ consultant.

Distinguishing marks: Wears an eye patch over left eye, no one but a select few people know how Napoleon lost his eye.

Weapons: A 12 gauge shotgun, which is strapped to Stone’s back. The rest of Stone’s weaponry changes depending on the task at hand.


Napoleon led pretty normal childhood. The only son of Helen and Nicholas Randall. At an early age he discovered he possessed a yearning for knowledge and a high IQ. His parents encouraged these traits, while at the same time, always ensuring that their son didn’t let those god given gifts change him in any way.

Soon after finishing school Napoleon went onto become the youngest student ever to be accepted into Oxford. His hard work and dedication, tempered with good humour, and an almost unnaturally positive outlook on life earned Jonathan the respect and friendship of his classmates. During his first two years at Oxford, Jonathan set up an after hours study group for those of his class mates struggling with their work. Jonathan always found his studies were equally matched by his obsession with the past and the unknown. He graduated top of his class with a BA(Hons) Combined Studies, his major subjects being English and World History. He went onto earn himself a Masters in Archaeology and a PhD in Parapsychology.

After his University life came to the end Jonathan was offered a post teaching, this role he took on in a part-time capacity to fund his various trips around the globe. The religions and beliefs of various tribes and factions fascinated him. Jonathan’s first book, the culmination of over five years of research into the various cults and alternative religions spread throughout the world was a best seller. Soon after the book publication Jonathan married Stella Rudenski , a noted Archaeologist, and they had two children together.


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  1. All very impressive sir…. all the best with it fella

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