Luther Washington

“He’s not the man you used to be, Luther. He’s just inexperienced, he’ll learn.”
“At whose expense? If someone had been on my case back then maybe…”
The words faltered and Luther bowed his head in silence. Eve moved across the bed to give his arm a gentle squeeze.
“What happened wasn’t your fault,” said Eve. “It’s been what ten, twelve years? You need to let it go.”
“I destroyed a man’s life; how am I supposed to let that go?”


Name: Capt Luthor Washington

Age: 40






Physique Muscular, lean and toned.

Normal wear: Two piece dark coloured business suits

Occupation: Former MI5 agent,. Now working for a special investigation unit within the United Nations known as TORCH.


Recruited into MI5 when he was 26, Luther worked there for six years until he discovered several agents were selling off classified information. When he approached his superiors with the information he was ordered to drop the case and when he refused to do so was suspended from active duty pending an internal investigation into allegations of harassment made against Luther by several other agents. Undeterred by the allegations and threats against himself and his family Luther continued to work on the case, vowing to bring those responsible for misuse of power to justice. It was a decision that cost him his position at MIS and lot more besides. It was some time later before he resurfaced as an agent for TORCH.

Character Traits

Luther is by nature is a man who likes to play by the rules and as such earned the name ‘Sir Lancelot’ from the other members of TORCH, due to his devotion to honour, duty and the truth. However those in authority, especially his former MI5 superiors found his morals and ethics to be outdated and misplaced.

Luther is a connoisseur of fine wines and is often found travelling around the world to various wine tasting events. He is also an excellent chef and considers himself a dedicated bachelor, vowing to himself that he would never let a loved one be harmed because of his job. As a result of this Washington doesn’t have too many friends and all of those are colleagues. He lives alone in a converted warehouse in the Docklands, inside the warehouse, which Luther personally designed, is a fully functional computer centre, crime lab and gym.

Luther is a peaceful and quiet man whose actions are always governed by a strict code of honour. He has a simplistic, almost childlike view of the world. There is good and there is evil, evil must be fought at every turn, with no quarter given.


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