Ben Ashodi

Ben rubbed his unshaven chin, allowing the silence to become even more pronounced.

“Three hundred grand is my standard rate for saving the world,” he said at last.


Name: Benjamin Ashodi
Alias: ‘The Hand’

Age: 30 years old

Status: Single

Born: Nigeria

Home: Refurbished Warehouse flat in the Docklands

Height: 5ft 10”

Family: Mother (Jazz Club Singer), Sister (Choreographer), Father (unknown)

Other: His eyes have an unnatural green hue to their otherwise brown eyes.

Normal wear: Black single breasted leather jacket, black shirt and dark grey jeans.

Occupation: Thief for hire .


From an early age Ben displayed an unusual flair for gymnastics and by thirteen he had won several awards for gymnastics and was dubbed the ‘human fly’ by his class mates.During his teenage years he continued to hone his ability for sports. His was guiding dream was to win a gold medal in the Decathlon at the next Olympics and many people, including his coach believed that this was well within his reach.

At eighteen he was arrested and despite his continued pleas of innocence subsequently sentenced to seven years for armed robbery.

Soon after his incarceration Ben found himself under the protection of Will Raven. He found out that Raven was once The Wraith one of the world’s foremost professional thieves. Over the years they developed a Father son bond and Ben became friends with many other of the inmates.

Ben kept up his gymnastic and athletic training under Raven’s tutelage, who took it upon himself to train him with every skill he had acquired in his nefarious career. Lucas, who already possessed the physical skills was a quick learner and soon put his skills into practice by escaping from prison once a month to check on his mother and sister. Every time he escaped from prison Ben was able to break back into jail, much to the amazement and respect of the other inmates who dubbed the young escape artist ‘The Black Pimpernel’. Ben prefers took on the name ‘The Hand’ as he was dubbed by the press believing the former name to be somewhat cheesy.


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