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Fallen Heroes is the Number one Download Title for Oxicomics’ Free Comic Book Day Promotion

To celebrate Free Comic Book Day the digital download of Fallen Heroes #1 was made available for free along with many other titles available from Oxicomics.

We have just received an email from Oxicomics informing me that Fallen Heroes #1 was the most downloaded title during their Free Comic Book Day.

We’re so excited that so many new people have been exposed to the world of Fallen Heroes. To all of you on  thanks for downloading the issue and we hope you stay on board for issue 2.

If you interested in picking up a digital copy for your reader of choice then head over to Oxicomics for your copy.

Barry Nugent


Fallen Heroes #1 now Available on IndyPlanet

So with work going on with issue 2 we are still trying to get issue #1 into as many places online as possible. To that end I’m happy to report that we have now aunched the comic on the IndyPlanet website.

All of the Comics at IndyPlanet are Immediately — and Always — Available!
print-on-demand. – IndyPlanet

This means that the comic is available in print from the Indyplanet website right now. You can order a copy from IndyPlanet here

I should warn you that delivery costs for outside the US are pretty high. If, however, you are based in the UK and still want a copy then news is coming on where you can pick up a copy of issue 1 if you missed out.

Fallen Heroes Issue 2 Update – Meet the Reverend

It’s become a bit of a mantra now but whenever anyone finishes reading Fallen Heroes the novel my first question is ‘Who was your favorite character?’ This questions springs from the fact that the book deals with several main characters and it’s nice to know who readers were rooting for. I don’t know if I should be worried that the majority of those who read the book picked the Reverend as their fave character.

Now I don’t want to say too much about the character other than he really is not the sort of man you want to be on the wrong side of. Originally the Reverend was the result of conversation over a few drinks with a friend of mine (yep pete that’s you) who came up with the genesis of the character. At first to me he just sounded like a typical religious zealot turned killer and felt a little stereotyped. As I sat down to flesh out the character I decided to take him on a much more emotionally journey in the book.  I was always wanted the core of the Reverend to be that of an ordinary man who saw the world ‘differently’ after what he had been through. He had locked within him a side to his character that was capable of extreme violence a side he had kept it under lock and key from his early teenage years. It is something that the spin off Comic featuring the Reverend will explore more of.

When it came to describing the Reverend in the book I left his description purposely vague. Of course that may be fine when you’re asking people to use their imagination to fill in the blanks but not really that much help when asking an artist to draw the character in the novel adaptation.

Personally I think Steve’s done an amazing job on his final character sketch as I never a clear idea in my head what the Reverend would look like it. The things we did work on was what I did know.

  • He wouldn’t be some muscle-bound nutjob
  • He wouldn’t be too good-looking, this shouldn’t be a man who turned heads.
  • We wouldn’t really stand out from the crowd.
  • He always had a haunted look to him

This is what Steve came up with. You will see more of the Reverend in issue 2 and in the spin off The Reverend: Wrath of God, which is in development at the moment.

Fallen Heroes 1 Sells out at Kapow!

So hopefully this little post marks me makeing sure I keep you up to date with all the news from the world of the Fallen Heroes comic adaptation.

So as a last minute thing I took a load of copies of Fallen Heroes #1 down to newsest Comic Con on the block Kapow! 

First off big thanks to the Comic Book Alliance for providing the tables for a lot of the indie creators to sell their wares from.

Kapow was great fun but more importantly we managed to sell every copy of Fallen Heroes that I had bought down with me. Given the fact everything was all last minute I was amazed that the comic sold so well and it was great to hear some of the feedback.

I’d like to thanks Will Pickering who I shared the table with and who did most of the selling whilst I was wandering.Also Matt Gibbs for watching the table a few times as well.

At the moment we are just sorting out what to do about more printing for issue 1 but more news on that when we have it. Stay tuned for more regular updates on other convention you will be able to pick up Fallen Heroes from and news on issue 2.


Fallen Heroes #1 Digital Version now Available on Myebook

If you’re happy reading a digital version of Fallen Heroes but don’t own a iPhone/iTouch or iPad then you will be pleased with this latest news. We have now launched the first issue of the comic on the Myebook website. You can pick up a copy which you can read online for the bargain price of 79p!

To give you an idea of what you can expect from the Myebook version of the book check out the preview below.

Myebook - Fallen Heroes the Comic Adpatation - Issue 1 - click here to open my ebook

Fallen Heroes #1 Second Printing on the way!

As you already know the first printing of Fallen Heroes has now sold out. We are currently in the process of arranging a second print run with ukomics. Again this will be a limited printing so if you’re interested in picking up a copy when they become available then send us an email at with your name and address and we’ll add you to the list.

Fallen Heroes #1 now Available for iPad,iPhone and iTouch


We can now confirm that the digital version of Fallen Heroes #1 has now been released on the apple store, just in time for pay day. The app is priced at £1.19 and you can pick it up here .

Thanks to the team at Oxicomics for all their help in putting the digital version together.

Keep an eye on the website to look out for more ways to order your copy of issue #1.