The Comic Adaptation

A stalker of demons and legends, a pair of master criminals, a teenager on the brink of madness and a man forever cursed with the desire for vengeance. They are all pawns in a plan set in motion over nine centuries before their birth. Pursued across the globe by enemies both human and supernatural they must overcome their mistrust of each other and uncover the truth before it destroys them all.

Fallen Heroes is a supernatural adventure that pits an unlikely group of heroes and anti heroes against an evil which has existed since the first crusade. If they can keep from killing each other long enough they might just be able to stop the world from plunging into a new dark age.

“I didn’t so much read the first scene of Fallen Heroes back in 2008, as see it come to life out of the page, so visually arresting is the writing. With the sharp, multi-layered plot and slick characters of modern crime writing juxtaposed against the shadowy agencies, ancient magic and bold dynamic characters of pulp adventure Fallen Heroes is going to be a truly striking comic.

Fallen Heroes will be a very complex adaptation, as those who have read it will know, and there is huge amount of work to be done on the structure and coaxing the characters over to a new medium before the writing even begins.

Martin is a very experienced writer and researcher and is making a welcome return to comics after a 10 year absence.

Martin’s background as a journalist, his incredibly deep knowledge of comics, their creators and their history, and his ability to deftly re-structure disparate historical sources into gripping stories with vibrant, vital characters all make him the perfect person for the job.”

Nic Wilkinson

This comic adaptation is based on the Amazon number 1 bestselling story by Barry Nugent will be adapted to comic format by Martin Conghan, Steven Penfold and Gat Melvin.

Issue 1 is due to be released in February 2011.


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