Creative Team

Barry Nugent – Author

Barry Nugent wrote his first story at the young age of 11 and never looked back.

“This is the kind of story I’ve always wanted to tell. Although, at its core, Fallen Heroes is a throwback the pulp adventure stories of old it deals with the themes of betrayal, redemption, hope and sacrifice in a modern and contemporary world.”

Martin Conaghan – Writer/Adaptor

Martin Conaghan’s first published writing work appeared in Aceville Publications’ Comic World in 1992, in the form of interviews with comic-book writers and artists such as Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell. This was followed by a one-off Tharg’s Terror Tale in the 1995 2000AD Yearbook and several short stories for the American publisher Caliber Comics, including an issue of their popular Raven Chronicles title. He now works in sports broadcasting at the BBC.

Fallen Heroes is jam-packed full of fantastic ideas and thrilling set-pieces. I’m looking forward to finding out where I can take Barry’s rich characters when I translate them on to the comic-book page; from the reluctant hero Jason Chen to the ruthless demon stalker Napoleon Stone.

It has everything; a great blend of mythology, science-fiction, action and the supernatural – all told in a very visual style – it’s perfect for the graphic novel format.”

Steve Penfold – Artist

“One of the first things I was taught at university was that you should be able to freeze frame a moment in film (or television) print it, frame it and put it on a wall. I have always endeavored to adhere to that rule which has fed my work and helped me realise not only my own ideas but helped others to gain momentum.

I intend to give Barry’s source material a good showing on the comics page and I look forward to bringing it to life visually. The more I worked with the characters I discovered what an insanely fun, vaguely maniacal globetrotting adventure it was. So much scope in terms of what to draw there’s plenty for me to get my teeth into and I fully intend to.”

Gat MeLVYN – colorist

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