Fallen Heroes #1 now Available on IndyPlanet

So with work going on with issue 2 we are still trying to get issue #1 into as many places online as possible. To that end I’m happy to report that we have now aunched the comic on the IndyPlanet website.

All of the Comics at IndyPlanet are Immediately — and Always — Available!
print-on-demand. – IndyPlanet

This means that the comic is available in print from the Indyplanet website right now. You can order a copy from IndyPlanet here

I should warn you that delivery costs for outside the US are pretty high. If, however, you are based in the UK and still want a copy then news is coming on where you can pick up a copy of issue 1 if you missed out.


One response to “Fallen Heroes #1 now Available on IndyPlanet

  1. Hi,
    Congrat on having your book on IndyPlanet. I hope is sells here really well. I caught your post and wanted to clarify.
    I’m sorry about shipping costs outside of the country. There is NOTHING we can do about that.
    This isn’t something we price arbitrarily and it is a pain in the tush for me to have to deal with. I suggest creators spend some time on the USPS site and see what costs what, what the various weights are etc rather then putting the blame on us.

    Sorry, but shipping isnt’ cheap. The post office just raised prices last month…again. Most are surprised it costs more then they are expecting and they don’t consider weights of their books at all.

    In the US you can ship things first class if they weigh under 13 oz.
    after that it’s priority mail.
    To Canada and other foreign places, you can send something first class if it weighs under 15oz.

    Hope that helps.

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