Fallen Heroes Issue 2 News

Quite a few people have been asking about the current state of play on issue 2. Well I can confirm that I have given my final approval on Martin’s script which has now been passed to Steve to begin work on the pencils.

Of course I’m bias but I think Martin is trying something quite ambitious in issue two. His reason is to be able to fit in some of the more complex story strands and scene switching that I had in the novel. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Steve and Gat approach this one art wise.

In terms of what people can expect from issue 2, there’s a lot more action, new characters. The story itself gets a little deeper and bloodier.

A lot of the content in issue 2 was some of the most fun to write when I worked on Fallen Heroes. It was the first time I really got to throw in some really big action set pieces.

A lot of my inspirations for the actions scenes you’ll see in this revolved around watching a shed load of John Woo films back in the day. My goal was to try to bring that feeling (without writing the words ‘ dear reader imagine this bit in slo-mo with doves flying in the back ground’…hoping John Woo fans will get this joke) to my novel.

At the moment we don’t have a release date set but as soon as we do you guys will be the first to know.

Stay tuned for the next update and to meet one of the new characters in book 2 – The Reverend.



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