Fallen Heroes 1 Sells out at Kapow!

So hopefully this little post marks me makeing sure I keep you up to date with all the news from the world of the Fallen Heroes comic adaptation.

So as a last minute thing I took a load of copies of Fallen Heroes #1 down to newsest Comic Con on the block Kapow! 

First off big thanks to the Comic Book Alliance for providing the tables for a lot of the indie creators to sell their wares from.

Kapow was great fun but more importantly we managed to sell every copy of Fallen Heroes that I had bought down with me. Given the fact everything was all last minute I was amazed that the comic sold so well and it was great to hear some of the feedback.

I’d like to thanks Will Pickering who I shared the table with and who did most of the selling whilst I was wandering.Also Matt Gibbs for watching the table a few times as well.

At the moment we are just sorting out what to do about more printing for issue 1 but more news on that when we have it. Stay tuned for more regular updates on other convention you will be able to pick up Fallen Heroes from and news on issue 2.



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