The Famous Six – Thanks for Donating!

A while back I started a donation scheme for the production of the first issue which has since been scrapped and will not return in the future.  I wanted to take the time to thank the  people who donated towards issue 1.

So Jody,Matt,Jimmy,Glen,Adam,Kelly and Jerry (hope you don’t all mind being mentioned) the thanks of myself and the entire creative team are with you.

I will be having a word with the creative team about giving all of you a mention/acknowledgement in issue 2. Also  I will be in touch about sending you a signed copy of either issue 1 or 2 of Fallen Heroes.

To the highest donator we will be arranging to send the proof/issue zero  which will  be signed by myself, Martin and Steve. I will also be throwing in a signed copy of the original novel and a copy of the follow-up novel Forgotten Warriors (one I finished the blasted thing) and the third and final as yet titled book in the trilogy(you can have these in print or digital). I will also be seeing if I can get Steve to do a sketch in the novel.

Many thanks for your donations and help with the project.



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