First Half of Fallen Heroes Issue 1 is complete!

So I came into work this morning cursing myself for not having Thursday and Friday off which all changed with an email from Steve. I opened the email to find the first ten complete pages of Fallen Heroes issue one. Apart from the pencil work that Steve had done and some early pages with color this was my first look at some  of the finished pages.

The words ‘blew my mind’ don’t really do the guys justice so I hope the image I’ve posted below will speak for me.

The way the guys have been able to pull images which have only existed in my head and put them on the page is something akin to sorcery.

I’ve already told the guys over email but I want to use this post to say how proud I am of the work that is being done on the adaptation and I can’t wait to see it all finished.


6 responses to “First Half of Fallen Heroes Issue 1 is complete!

  1. This is looking BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Cheers mate I’m sure the guys will be chuffed to hear that. I didn’t want to put out too many images to give the whole game away but I wanted to give people a taste of the great work they’re doing.

  3. This looks amazing!

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